This is Suyana

Empowering individuals, families, and communities to lead dignifying and self-sustaining lives.

What we do

Nurturing Communities Through Comprehensive Solutions.

Our Impact Areas

With over 20 years of experience, we catalyse locally-led projects to enhance education, healthcare, and livelihoods through an integrated, holistic approach. Collaborating closely with local communities and official entities, our community-focused approach ensures impactful and sustainable outcomes.

Individuals and communities receive higher quality education through greater access to materials and infrastructures, enhanced curricula, better support for teachers and improved school environment.

Individuals and communities achieve more sustainable livelihoods through vocational training, entrepreneurial skills development and environmental protection.

Communities enjoy better local healthcare through increased medical access, greater health awareness and capacity-building in the public sector.

Empowerment From the Heart of Communities.

We’re active all over the world

 Engaged and present in seven countries in Latin America, Africa, and Europe, the foundation’s programs thrive on locally-led efforts. We believe that only a change from within can lead to fruitful, long-term results.

Suyana in Suiza
Suyana in Grecia
Suyana in Sierra Leona
Suyana in Ruanda
Suyana in Uganda
Suyana in Bolivia
Suyana in Perú

How We Make a Difference

Unveiling Our Unique Approach to Sustainable Impact.

With care and commitment, the projects are run through multiyear collaboration models, leveraging technical expertise, or through self-developed and implemented projects.

How we work

Projects in Action

Transforming Lives with Purpose

Embark on a journey through our impactful projects, where purpose meets action, and lives are transformed with compassion.

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Suyana in Numbers

Facts & Figures

People empowered since 2003

Current projects

Employees worldwide

Mio. CHF

Projects Expense (2023)

Our Road to Impact

Tracing Our Journey from Vision to Transformation.

Our purpose-driven journey follows Suyana’s theory of change and a solid impact model to ensure sustainable change.

We prioritize MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning) to assess and demonstrate the effectiveness of our interventions.

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Our Valued Partners

Building Lasting Change Together.

Collaboration is central to our mission and vital for the success of our initiatives. We are proud to stand alongside experienced, reliable, and like-minded partners who share our commitment to addressing the same impact areas we serve. Together, we believe that collective efforts are the key to solving urgent global issues.

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